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At Fundación Bolívar Davivienda, we feel that a dynamic entrepreneurship, with high growth potential, is an effective instrument to promote social and economic development in the country. We seek to create better paying jobs, a merit and effort rewarding culture, and we promote innovation and rendering certain industries more dynamic. Therefore, through programs such as Emprende País and Valle Impacta, entrepreneurs are selected to reach their maximum growth potential in a sustainable and profitable manner.


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General Indicators

While official figures of the companies are reported in April of each year, our sales and employees indicators are reported due year:

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Program Milestones

1. Oxelerator Colombia 2018

In 2018 we started the Oxelerator Colombia 2018 program in partnership with Oxentia, CESA and Connect Bogotá Region. This is an acceleration program for businesses at early or conception stage, validated from innovative products resulting from academic research, which, while in the program, develop their business model, identify their potential customers, develop strategies to commercialize their technologies and are connected with potential investors from different countries. Below there are the results of Oxelerator Colombia:

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In 2018 we managed to mobilize more than 21 hours donated by mentors from Grupo Bolívar and more than 28 hours donated by former students of Emprende País to Oxelerator Projects.

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