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How we work to be a
world-class organization

Fundación Bolívar Davivienda works toward sustainable, effective, and high-impact cultural transformations in society. To do that, we identify and implement best practices that help us strengthen our relationships with suppliers, employees, the companies in Grupo Bolívar, our stakeholders, and the environment.


Alliances that Empower Talent Development

We team up with domestic and international allies to bring to potential the best social projects...

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Desarrollo Integral

Comprehensive Development of Our Talent

Fundación Bolívar Davivienda works with its human talent in order to have skilled personnel who...

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Cumplimiento Regulatorio

Regulatory Compliance

The work of the foundation’s Administrative and Financial Department and the Legal Area at...

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Medio Ambiente

The Enviroment

As part of Grupo Bolívar we have a commitment to promote the conservation of the environment...

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