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Comprehensive development of Our Talent

At Fundación Bolívar Davivienda, we manage human talent in order to have skilled resources, satisfied with their functions and professional development, whose experience and knowledge are capitalized to generate value for the other areas of the organization.

We want to have committed, capable, and happy employees.

GRI 102-7, GRI 102-8, GRI 401-1

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Principales Cifras

The formula used is as follows:

Personnel turnover is calculated from the number of employees who left with respect to the number of active employees at the end of the year. The turnover rate is calculated based on the number of employees with an indefinite term contract.

By 2018, 5 employees retired: 3 had an indefinite term contract and 2 temporary contracts; 2 men and 3 women. Of the 5 new employees in 2018, 2 have an indefinite term contract and 3 temporary contracts; 3 women and 2 men; 4 are in the age range 18 - 34 years old, and one 35 -50, all from Bogota.

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