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Alliances that Empower
Talent Development

We team up with domestic and international allies to bring to potential the best social projects, aligning our organization's knowledge and experience with the best outside practices in order to strengthen their impact and be a source of innovation for the social sector.


Our Allies

Strategic Communications

We have developed a set of communication strategies, through which we are able to maintain an active and transparent relationship with our stakeholders and design assertive dissemination campaigns, which meet the purpose of Fundación Bolívar Davivienda. Also, through communication, we seek to strengthen innovation and make the projects more visible in order to promote alliances, strengthen the social sector networking, and increase the impact.



In the last Brand Equity survey of the foundation category and our position in it, Fundación Bolívar Davivienda obtained 56% recognition with respect to the sector average of 87%. According to the findings of this survey, our communication will have protagonism in the impact, and we will climb to 60% in the Brand Equity survey in brand attraction, moving closer to the sector average.